Ukraine’s Last Flash Point: Donetsk Airport
15 November, 2014

The epic battle for the Donetsk International Airport and its huge symbolism for the Ukraine crisis, explained.


The main terminal of Donetsk airport is hit by shelling during fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces. (AP)

by Chris DunnettHromadske International

produced by Maxim Eristavi


What You Need to Know

✓ The Donetsk International Airport was completed in May 2012, just in time for the European Football Championship in June of that year;

✓ The airport became one of the first hotspots in the Ukrainian conflict, after the Ukrainian military took back control of the airport from Russian-backed separatists in May. Back then thirty-four of the dead insurgents were Russian nationals whose bodies were returned to Russia;

✓ The Ukrainian military has struggled to maintain control of the airport since then;

✓ A cease fire was declared between Ukraine and Pro-Russian militiamen on September 5. However, fighting for the airport has continued largely unabated;


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Ukraine’s Last Flash Point: Donetsk Airport