Traces of the Euromaidan Revolution: Amnesty
17 April, 2016

The wikipedia article still states that he died from the explosion of a grenade. But Serhiy Didych, one of the protesters killed during the Maidan Massacre in February 2014 in Kyiv, died in another way.

Neither journalists nor activists visit his court hearings. The party members of "Svoboda", a political party which he belonged, don't come either.

The real story of his death is told by Halyna, his widow , Victor Shapovalov, a riot police commander and Leonid Bibik, his murderer.

The film by Hromadske's Angelina Kariakina and Anastasiya Stanko is the second part of acclaimed investigative series explores the fallout of Ukraine's so-called 'amnesty law' protecting participants of the Euromaidan's deadly clashes.

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