Tourism In Crimea Collapses After Russia's Annexation
18 August, 2015

"Caucasus" harbour is located near the Kerch Strait that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, separating the Kerch Peninsula of Crimea in the west from the Taman Peninsula of Russia's Krasnodar region in the east. This is the only connection between Russia and illigally annexed Crimea. Last year, after the annexation of Crimea, there were 5 kilometres long queues of people eager to get into the peninsula. Russian citizens from Orenburg, Nizhny Tagil, and Crimeans among the tourists.

Now there's much less people; there are bearly 30 passengers for a big ferry, called "Victory".

The internationally recognised Ukrainian territory of Crimea was annexed by Russia in March 2014. Back then Russian masked troops invaded and occupied key Crimean locations, including Ukrainian airports and military bases, following President Putin's orders.

// Video by Hromadske. Crimea