This Year Is Crucial For Ukraine's New Police - National Police Chief
27 January, 2016

"Everything is possible”, the new Chief of Ukraine’s National Police, Khatia Dekanoidze states in interview with Hromadske with regards to the current police reforms in Ukraine. According to her, it is the “number one priority” as the police are the backbone of security in any country. Providing “a stable and professional police” service is essential, but will require a change of mentality among officers in order to work effectively, Dekanoidze is convinced.

Ukraine's police force has been marred by corruption since independence, however after the Maidan Revolution, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with help from the United States, Japan and the EU, began replacing Kyiv’s police force in 2015 and expanding the reform to other regions.

Although the reforms have hit the ground running, Dekanoidze is confident that “there will be challenges” or that mistakes will lie ahead. This upcoming year will be crucial for the National Police Service to help create “a stable situation in the country”, she adds.
Dekanoidze has previously worked with as the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Policy Academy in Georgia and as a Political Counsellor at the Georgian Embassy in the United States.

Hromadske's Angelina Kariakina interviewed Khatia Dekanoidze, Ukraine’s Chief of the National Police in Kyiv in January 2016