This Is What Russians Think Of Savchenko Trial
1 March, 2016

Russian city of Donetsk is situated in the Rostov region, not far from the Ukrainian-Russian border. A very high-profile trial is being held there: Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian soldier, kidnapped on the Ukrainian territory in June, 2014, is now stands before a court convicted of manslaughter. Because of a hunger-strike, Savchenko has lost weight but remains smiling and optimistic. Her defence attorneys tell Hromadske that there is no justice in Russia and the guilty verdict is already signed. They hope to bring justice to this case, asking European politicians for help. Hromadske journalists went to Russian Donetsk to visit the court hearing, also to speak with Savchenko's defenders, the hostage's sister Vira and to figure out what locals think of internationally-known trial happening in their sleepy city.