There Should Be Either A Full Blockade Or None At All – Donetsk Region Governor
25 June, 2015

The newly appointed governor of Donetsk Oblast, Pavlo Zhebrivskyi commented on the idea of going into economical blockade of Donbas region, and the alternatives to it.

"There are a lot of proposals, we're just in the process of thinking them over and will be able to present something at the end of the week. One option is to create markets on goverment-controlled territory for the citizens that got their pensions there to buy something here", he said.

"The decision to implement an economic blockade cannot be devisive, it should be complex, and I will be stressing that. Either we implement a full blockade (finance, people, goods), or we normalise everything and work with what we have," concluded Zhebrivskyi.

Video by Vitalii Hryniov. Filmed 06.15.2015.