The Sunday Show 09/10/2016
9 October, 2016


This Week:


✅ Georgia Goes To The Polls

Nicholas Waller, Independent Journalist, @N_A_Waller


✅ Electoral Change In The Baltics

Monika Garbaciauskaite-Budriene, Delfi Editor-In-Chief, @monikagarba


Katja Koort, Lecturer At Tallinn University


✅ Baltic Art Pushes For Equality

Romas Zabarauskas, Lithuanian Filmmaker, @rzabarauskas


✅ Ukraine Gets On The Info Highway

Dan Schectman, 2011 Nobel Prize In Chemistry Winner


Bohdan Kupych, Vice President At KM Core Tech Investment


✅ Russia Moves Nuke Missiles Closer To EU


Nora Vanaga, Researcher At The Center For Security And Strategic Research, @nvanaga