The Airspace Has Been Closed According to the Warnings We Had Had - Antoniuk
22 October, 2015

What You Need To Know:

The air space above the Donbas conflict zone had been closed according to warnings provided by the Ukrainian State Aviation Service by July 17th, 2014, when MH17 had crashed.
To close an air space for a short term is the legal right of the military as well as the State Aviation Service and State Air Traffic Services Enterprise. Only State Aviation Service has the right to close an airspace for a long term.
The decision to close the air space to the height of flight level 330 was made after the crash of AN 26 on July, 14th, 2014.

Hromadske Journalist Anastasia Stanko spoke to Denys Antoniuk about the Ukrainian State Aviation Service policy of closing the air space above the Donbas conflict.
Denys Antoniuk is a former head of Ukrainian State Aviation Service. He used to be the head of this establishment when Malaysian Boeing 777 crashed near Torez, Ukraine.