Rehabilitation After Donbas War: The Tango Teacher
7 June, 2016

After the demobilization, Oleksyi decided to invite the soldiers who came back from the East to his school.

“Closer to the demobilization, I had an idea to invite soldiers and officers who fought in the ATO, so that they could participate in dance classes free of charge," he says.

Oleksiy thinks that tango is an effective way of psychologic and physical rehabilitation and adaptation: “I want people who love Argentinian tango come to us. In addition, I want more people who served in the army, people who were in the hostilities and those who were hit by the shelling."

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Viktor Kardash lost his leg after the explosion of a mine; however, it did not stop him from coming to Oleksiy to learn how to dance.

“A month after the amputation, I met a girl and soon I proposed to her. She said 'Yes'. I decided to show that I could dance our first wedding dance. I think everything is possible. Everything depends on us. Yes, there are some restrictions, but when you do it, you show that there are no restrictions, they exist only in your mind," he says.

Habilitation is a documental special project of Hromadske UA about the people who survived the war in the Eastern Ukraine but found powers and hidden resources to live a full life and to become needed in society. These stories are about motivation, confidence, faith and fortitude of people who despite all obstacles are able to find their place in life.

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/Made by Oleksandr Nazarov