Sweden PM: ‘We cannot reduce sanctions against Russia’
12 March, 2015

“We cannot take away or reduce sanctions today,” said the Prime Minister. “For that we need to make sure the Minsk agreements are totally implemented.” If it is decided so, Sweden is ready to support the UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine, though the possibility of such a mission being created is still unknown. Löfven told Hromadske that — in the meantime the West should make sure the OSCE has the best possible means to fulfill its tasks. “We, as a country, don’t feel that we’re immediately threatened by Russia, but the tensions on the continent make us eager to cooperate even more with Nordic and Baltic countries, and NATO. All that is to strengthen our ability to defend the borders of Sweden,” concluded Prime Minister.

// Angelina Kariakina, Nikita Mekenzin. Filmed 03.11.2015