The Sunday Show. Ukraine’s Last Chance. 11/02/2014
26 November, 2014

The Digital Rundown

The Sunday Show is the flagship TV-show produced by the Hromadske International team from its global headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is the only prime-time TV program explaining the Eastern European geopolitical storm in English.

This week:

anchored by Maxim Eristavi, Oliver Carroll (guest co-anchor)

produced by Katherine Jacobsen and Devin Ackles

Topics and Guests:

✔️ Ukraine's last chance: reforms or bust with Dmytro Shymkiv, the Deputy Head of the Ukraine President Administration

✔️ Judgment Call: is it possible to save the Ukrainian economy? Tymofiy Mylovanov, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh

✔️ Why the separatist vote in the East should matter. Christopher Miller, Senior Correspondent at Mashable from Donetsk.

✔️ Rising LGBT attacks put Ukraine police to the test

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The Sunday Show. Ukraine’s Last Chance. 11/02/2014