A Split Between France & Germany On Russia, Syria — Gumenyuk
28 September, 2015

Hromadske journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk says that the position of France is very clear when it comes to Assad, they see no solution that involves Assad. France is also anticipating some news to come out of the meeting between Putin and Obama, so they are following that closely says Nataliya.
The situation and talks at the UN have a direct impact on the situation in Ukraine because the leaders will fly back to France next week and discuss what to do with Minsk. 'It's unclear why exactly this meeting is taking place after the UN' says Gumenyuk, but in her opinion, it seems like it's just a regular checkup of the process meant to understand how it's progressing.
Gumenyuk adds that the French were ready to start operations in Syria in 2013, and the US decision to stop that process led to souring relations between the two nations. She believes that the relations between all of these countries and Russia in Syria will affect Ukraine in the near term and long term future.
Hromadske International's Ian Bateson spoke with Nataliya Gumenyuk who joined from Paris via Skype on September 27th, 2015.