This What's Left Of A Town Near Donetsk Airport Battlefield
23 April, 2015

Spartak is just 1 km from Donetsk Airport and under separatist control. Many of the houses as well as the infrastructure have been destroyed by the fighting. The village is almost as close to the fighting as you can get.

Before the war it had a population of 2000. Now there are around 80 people left, including elderly bedridden people and two young teenagers.

Artillery fire can be heard but those living there are so used to it that they don’t pay any attention. Those who are still living 1 km away from one of the worst hot spots say that they have no choice – they have nowhere else to go. A young girl who Hromadske spoke to said that she was too afraid to leave her parents and move away on her own. The local school has been closed since the beginning of the school year.

Their suffering comes not only from the constant fighting which surrounds them but also from living without electricity for 8 months, not being able to work or go to school and sitting in cold, damp basements for hours on end.

// Nataliya Gumenyuk. Filmed 04.18.2015