Sick Of Kremlin Propaganda? Support Russian-Speaking Indie Journos
10 December, 2015

A financial support of Russian-speaking independent journalists is the best way to counter the Russian propaganda, Jerzy Pomianowski, executive director of The European Endowment For Democracy tells Hromadske. 'In a case with Russian-speaking media, we don't have a normal market where good journalists can just earn money. In such situations, to support independent journalists, we need public money, we need money given by democratic governments," Pomianowski is convinced.

He equals the fight against Russian propaganda with other security challenges facing the world, like the refugee crisis or terrorism threats: “The fact that the Russian propaganda is dominating minds of so many people potentially can affect the security of all on the continent.”

Comparing swift reforms in Poland in 1990s and ongoing reformist process in Ukraine, Pomianowski is sure that the pace of the latter is even more dynamic: "If we look into the speed of Polish reforms from 1989 to 1995, I would say that in some sense, Ukrainian reforms are faster than the Polish ones. So we should not be so critical of Ukraine.”

Hromadske talked to Jerzy Pomianowski — Executive Director of The European Endowment For Democracy in November, 2015.