Shelling Continues Inspite Of Ceasefire Halting Production At Major Coke Plant
1 June, 2015

Heavy shelling has halted production at the Adiivka coke plant located on the front line in East Ukraine. The gas pipes, water tanks and four electricity lines have all been damaged.

At the moment priority of the factories workers is to maintain the temperature of the furnaces. Worryingly any production outages threaten output at Ukraine’s major steel plants. It is unclear how long it will take for the plant to resume production because the most severe damage is located right on the demarcation line. This means that repairs can only take place if both sides agree.

The plant is one of Europe’s largest and is owned by Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov through his steel company Metinvest. It produces 40 percent of Ukraine’s coke and is the main employer of the town. The town, as well as the factory, has been left without electricity as a result of the shelling.

// Video by Vitalii Hryniov and Artem Liutyi. Filmed 05.25.2015.