Sadness, Not Outrage Prevails at Nemtsov March- Moscow Journalist
2 March, 2015

The murder of longtime Russian political opposition leader and Putin-antagonist Boris Nemtsov was "not a watershed event," said Leonid Ragozin, a Moscow-based freelance journalist.

"Its not a turning point," Ragozin said. "It's not the event which will rally hundreds of thousands [with people charging] at the Kremlin."

Nemtsov's murder occurred around midnight on the evening of Firday, Feb. 27 just outside the Kremlin walls. Nemtsov was scheduled to lead an opposition march on Sunday, March 1 on the outskirts of Moscow. After his death, the rally was made into a memorial march for the slain political figure and relocated into the center of Moscow.

The main result we can expect to see from Nemtsov's murder is an increase in the number of government repression against the so-called "fifth column" in Russia and against opposition figures like Nemtsov.

Ragozin spoke with Hromadske International's Angelina Kariakina via Skype on Sunday, March 1, 2015.