A Russian Fighting for Ukraine
26 January, 2015

«Your Motherland is where you live, not where you were born», - said Serhii Kapitonov.

Serhii is in the Ukrainian National Guard. He is a Russian national. His father serves in the Russian military and lives in Sochi and their relationship has deteriorated because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

One year ago Serhii stood against Maidan protesters as a human shield whilst serving in the interior forces. But as Russia’s involvement became more and more obvious he decided to join the Ukrainian National Guard as a volunteer.

He was taken prisoner after the Illovaisk tragedy in August. «But we were lucky because Russian paratroopers can sometimes get lost», - he said. Serhii was consequently released as part of a prisoner exchange. Now he is involved in Civil Military Cooperation, a group which aims to provide help for the local population.