Russia’s Military Campaign in Syria, Explained
7 October, 2015

What You Need To Know:

✅ Russia is supplying Syria with Anti Aircraft Weapons which is not intended to fight ISIS because ISIS has no air force;
✅ The Russian naval base in Syria is decrepit;
✅ Russia's strong ties to Assad led to their decision to support;
✅ Russian propaganda is working hard to influence the population that this war is a good idea.

Oleh Semenets, former Ambassador of Ukraine to Syria, (2008-2011) discusses Russia’s recent air strikes in Syria,  “Russia is not only supplying airplanes and weapons but they are also installing anti aircraft equipment, which means this is not intended to fight Islamic State because the Islamic State has no planes there…”

“Basically they (Russia) have very strong positions there, especially in the trade for arms… they supplied (Assad) regime with all kinds of weapons, in 2010, they signed contracts for  missiles and armored personal carriers for about 1 billion dollars.”

He references a quote from a Russian Middle East researcher interviewed on Russia’s 24 TV channel, “It’s a holy war. Syria is a sacred place and we should defend it because it is from there that Orthodox Christianity has come from and implanted in Russia.” 

Oleh Sements spoke with the Sunday Show's Ian Bateson and Nataliya Gumenyuk on October 4, 2015.


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