Russian Crackdown On Crimea Free Speech Intensifies
6 April, 2015

The independent Crimean Tatar television station, ATR, shut down on April 1, 2015 amid increased pressure from the local Russian government. Authorities viewed ATR- and their editorial stance on the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014- as a political threat.

The ATR channel, which opened in April 2006, was a staple in the lives of many Crimean Tatars, said Emine Dzhaparova, a former ATR journalist who moved to Kyiv after the Crimean annexation. Forcing the ATR channel off air was meant to demoralize the Crimean Tatar community, which has traditionally allied itself with Ukraine, said Dzhaparova.

Hromadske International's Ian Bateson and Nataliya Gumenyuk spoke with Emine Dzhaparova, a former ATR Journalist and Emine Ziyatdinova, a freelance photographer on April 5, 2015.