Repression In Crimea: Muslims Under Threat
22 April, 2016

Abdureshyd Dzhepparov, a member of the Crimean Contact Group on Human Rights, became a victim of the annexation of Crimea. His son Isliam Dzhepparova and the son of his sister Zorem Zhevdet were kidnapped in the village of Bilohirsk, not far from Simferopol. They still haven’t been found. It was explained to Abdureshyd Dzhepparov that the fate of the kidnapped son and nephew will depend “on their behavior”. But two years later, nobody knows whether the kidnapped are alive or not.

"Currently 12 people in Crimea are under arrest. About 15 searches were held in February. “A search” sounds rather natural, but it’s more like an attack on property. They usually do it in the early morning, when children are sleeping. They usually break windows and doors, invade houses, put handcuffs on owners, then they start talking and smiling and pretend to behave correctly," says Abdureshydom Dzhepparov.

In Nyzhnohirsk, Crimea, Anna Bogacheva dressed in a hijab met with us. She is the wife of Vadym Siruk who was arrested on February 12.

“What did he do? He didn’t kill or insult anybody, didn’t steal anything. They arrested him for no reason. They argue that in Russia such things are forbidden…But what is forbidden? Being a Muslim?” says Anna.

Emil Kurbedinov, a lawyer of Vadym Siruk: "None of the eight arrested people received a notice to appear to the Federal Security Service. If there had been such a notice and they hadn’t come, their arrest would have been more or less justified. The searches looked more like attacks on property and arrests... I think that the process of repression and intimidation of the Crimean Muslims is happening"