Reforming Ukraine's Broken Healthcare System
8 August, 2016

What You Need To Know:

✅ Ukraine’s healthcare system is plagued by disorganization and corruption;

✅ Voznesensk district hospital has had family healthcare since 2000;

✅ Doctors and patients sign contracts and all information about treatment is added to an electronic database;

✅ This is an isolated case and it has to be closed because of lack of budgeting.

The governmental bill on improving healthcare legislation introduced in February, 2016 allows hospitals to make money by providing medical services. The bill sparked criticism in the Parliamentary Committee and was not brought to vote.

The Voznesensk district hospital in the Mykolaiv region was one of the first to introduce a new system to manage doctors' work. They filled in a database of all the citizens of the town and the district, so they could see the encoded information about each patient. Doctors’ salaries also depend on how many patients they treat.

But this is an isolated case in Ukraine. Moreover, former Health Minister Oleh Musiy says the experiment isn’t effective, because it hasn’t been spread across the entire country, but only in the Voznesensk district hospital.

Today, Uliana Suprun, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Health, says she has a new strategy for reforming the Ukrainian healthcare system.