Puzzling Moldova: Uprising From Tents To Govt Power
28 December, 2015

The protestors' tents are being removed from the National Assembly Square in Chisinau, Moldova. Only wooden houses are left.

The anti-governmental protest in Chisinau, Moldova started three months ago. It was inspired by the members of a civil organization called “Dignity and Truth”, who set up an encampment on the National Assembly Square. The protest started because of a corruption scandal when a billion euros of budgetary funds were stolen. The activists demanded the resignation of the President and the government and the proclamation of early parliamentary elections. Because of the circumstances, some of the“Dignity and Truth” activists decided to go into politics.

Hromadske Journalists Tanya Kozyreva and Anna Tsygyma went to Chisinau to discover who had stayed on the square, what expectations the activists had from the politicians and how the protest would go on.