Former Riot Policemen Fight For Ukraine Now
24 February, 2015

Berkut unit is accused of violence on the square; afterwards the unit was disbanded, but its members are still serve at other units of the National Guard of Ukraine, which are subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since coming to the East, many of the former Berkut servicemen have met Maidan protesters who later joined the Ukrainian Army. One ex-Berkut serviceman explained that they have put aside their differences, "This is a war and we are fighting for Ukraine together". The distinct sound of Grad shelling can be heard and thick smoke can be seen rising into the sky every 5 minutes. According to the ex-Berkut servicemen they were the first to arrive in the area which is one of the war’s hot spots. They contradict widespread rumor that Berkut servicemen have shied away from fighting in the East or if they are involved, are fighting on the edges of the conflict zone. One of the soldiers tells Hromadske, "They are shooting from morning till night". The report had been filmed already after ceasefire agreed in Minsk, Hromadske journalists went see if it was being observed.

// Nastya Stanko, Kostiantyn Reutskyi. Filmed 02.15.2015