«Party of Regions» Crumbles in Zaporizhia
6 December, 2014

In 6 provinces of Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhia, the "Opposition Bloc" was elected into Parliament. After earning almost 10% of the vote, these members will continue to work in Parliament even though they were recently part of the "Party of Regions" However, according to experts, this year's figures in the Zaporizhia province is a breakthrough. Because the total number of votes cast for the ‘Regions’ politicians - those in the "Opposition Bloc", "The Communist Party of Ukraine" and "A Strong Ukraine" was only 32.58%. But the new political Parliamentary parties - "Poroshenko Bloc", "Samopomich", "People's Front" and "Hromadianska Pozytsia" scored 57.4%. A similar situation occurred in other regions, where the "Opposition Bloc’s" lead dropped significantly, indicating a change in political views by the electorate. Voters who voted for the "Opposition Bloc" in Zaporizhia, argued that their choice was not because they supported the policies of other parties but because they hoped for the stable life they used to have. They did not admit that they Maidan movement actually fought the Regions’ policies. According to those who prefer the other political forces,there was a certain amount of voter inertia in society that did not understand the importance of change and were unable to think progressively. This result, according to community activists, represents a significant social change which still needs a lot of work.