Ongoing Ukraine Reforms Will Not End Corruption
25 November, 2014

However, one alternative approach can.

KIEV, UKRAINE. OCTOBER 7, 2014. People throw rotten tomatoes at portraits of corrupt Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) members outside the Ukrainian Parliament building.

by Keith Darden, Vox Ukraine, Hromadske International

What You Need To Know:

✓ Despite war with Kremlin-backed separatists, looks like corruption is still Ukraine’s own worst enemy;

✓ Amid vocal support for anti-corruption reforms coming from Ukrainian officials, little has changed in Ukraine since the Euromaidan revolution;

✓ The lustration reform might provide some help in fighting corruption, there are concerns it may open the way for political persecution;

✓ An alternative approach is to empower citizens — rather than politically appointed prosecutors — by allowing them to prosecute corruption cases themselves, using qui tam writs and on behalf of the state;

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Ongoing Ukraine Reforms Will Not End Corruption