Northern Ukraine Elections As A Test For Post-Revolution Country
27 July, 2015

A daytime concert to attract those who don't want to vote, an evening concert for those who voted during the day, free transporting to voting stations, and, of course, the sudden appearance of journalists, mailny males; still, 85 years old woman came to vote on her own with a chair, because of her broken leg.

The elections have been scheduled in connection with the early termination of the authority of the People's Deputy Valerii Kulich. Some candidates, like Hennadii Korban, spread food sets to pensioners and low-income families in different districts, which is considered a manipulation by many people.

Most of the journalists there cannot explain what news outlets they work for. There are agriculture newspapers among these alleged media.

91 surnames are in the bulletin. Pensioners thoroughly study the list. They are the carcass of those 20% that came to vote.

Meanwhile, there is champagne in headquarters of the competing politians. They promise cotton candies and ice cream in the evening.

The early elections turned out to be an important political test for post-revolutionary country, they have gained a nationwide attention with a number of high-profile scandals involving Yanukovych-era tricks to buy votes. Even President Petro Poroshenko and Ukraine’s Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov weighed in; the latter deployed a police group to provide for legitimate elections process.

// Video by Anastasiia Stanko and OIeksandr Nazarov. Filmed 07.26.2015.