New Historic Supermajority In Ukraine’s Parliament, Expalined.
30 November, 2014

The pro-European coalition has won complete control over the Ukrainian parliament and has a very ambitious agenda for a nation in crisis.

Swearing in new deputies to the Ukrainian Parliament, Nov 27, 2014 (Photo: REUTERS)

What You Need to Know:

✓ The first session of the new parliament was on November 28, 2014;

✓ This is the 8th parliament in a period of 23 years. The average term of any sitting Ukrainian parliament has been shorter than 5 years, outlined by the Constitution;

✓ The five major pro-European parties have formed a coalition with a special coalition agreement, the first one in Ukraine’s political history;

✓ The coalition parties hold a rare constitutional majority in the parliament;

✓ A series of reforms have been outlined in their coalition agreement that would address nearly every area of government in need of reform;

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New Historic Supermajority In Ukraine’s Parliament, Explained.

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