It Gets Worse Near Ukraine's Latest Hot Spot of Shyrokyne
7 May, 2015

The residents of the seaside village of Berdianske, East Ukraine, have no access to shops and water. The electricity is switched on for short periods of time but there is not even enough for the refrigerator to get cold. Berdianske is located just south west of Shyrokyne which has been one of the conflict's hot spots for several months.

Ambulances can only reach the village with difficulty so if anything happens the residents are left to their own devices. It's residents therefore currently rely on humanitarian aid packages to meet their basic needs.

Anatolii Korabliov, a village resident, told Hromadske that when they are being shelled he hides in his basement or simply on the floor of his house: "And wait while they blow me up or whatever else”.

// Vitalii Hryniov. Filmed 05.04.2015