Messages Of Support For Ukrainian Pilot Illegally Detained in Moscow
13 May, 2015

A demonstration took place Kyiv today in support of illegally detained Ukrainian pilot Nadii Savchenko who marked her 34th birthday in a Moscow jail. The organizers of the demonstration in Kyiv asked participants to write their well wishes to Nadii on a large paper heart and also wrote letters to give to her in prison.

The detained pilot’s sister, Vera Savchenko, told Hromadske that it was difficult to pass on all the messages and letters of support because they were often censored. She said that though some messages could only be passed through face-to-face meetings with her lawyer, support for the pilot was still very important.

A demonstration also took place in Moscow outside the prison where Savchenko is being detained. Several people were detained by the Moscow police but later released, including one Ukrainian journalist Anastasia Rinhis.

// Bohdan Hdal. Filmed 05.11.2015