Mariupol: A Dive Into Frozen Sea To Shake Off War Fears
25 January, 2016

In Mariupol, soldiers and civilians celebrated the orthodox Epiphany together. On the 19th January 2016, Ukrainian dancers and singers welcomed local inhabitants for the traditional swim in the frozen Azov sea.

A year ago, Mariupol found itself in the heart of the war after a deadly Grad rocket hit the city’s suburbs. Mariupol, home to 500,000 and the biggest steelworks in the world, is the largest city in the Priazovye region and fell briefly under the control of separatists forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Summer 2014. Although the frontline remains close, Mariupol’s inhabitants are trying to get back to normal life.

Filmed in Mariupol on 19th January 2015 by Hromadske correspondent, Paul Gogo.