'Manafort Used the Same Strategy for Trump and Yanukovych' – Leshchenko
22 August, 2016

What You Need To Know:

✅  Paul  Manafort’s name is listed in the ‘black accounts’ of the ousted president Yanukovych’s Party of Regions;
✅  According  to the lists, over $12.7 million was paid to him;
✅  After a  wave of reports, Paul Manafort has resigned as a chairman of Donald Trump's campaign

Paul Manafort resigned as chairman of Donald Trump's campaign on August 19th,  after two months of work. He did so after a wave of reports appeared about his own business  dealings with Ukrainian ex-president Victor Yanukovych and other Russia-aligned politicians in Ukraine.

Before he  started working with Victor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia after deaths on the Maidan, Manafort worked with the scandalous ex-Chief of Staff, Sergii Levochkin. Manafort  was working with Yanukovych for 10 years. He was like an on-call political consultant; he was doing everything. Manafort was present in Yanukovych’s life since the 2004  campaign. In some campaigns, he played the role of key strategist.

Manafort’s  strategy in Ukraine was to position Yanukovych against another part of society and to make him a President based on this divided society. He was trying to  do the same with American society.

Sergii Leshchenko was the one who presented the so-called “Black accounting” of the Party of Regions, where Paul Manafort is mentioned. In this interview, he analyzes and draws some parallels between Paul Manafort’s strategy in Ukraine and in the United States. Watch this resounding story.

Hromadske’s Andriy Saichuk spoke to Sergii Leschenko, Ukrainian MP and Member of Anti-Corruption Parliamentary Committee in August 2016 in Kyiv.