Maidan, Uncovered: One Step From Death (Pt. 2)
16 March, 2016

Serhii Trapezun, a EuroMaidan activist, suffered a wound from a sniper’s bullet on Instytutska Street on February 20th, 2014. A self-applied tourniquet saved his life.

Hromadske TV spoke to him two years after the events. Serhii, together with his wife, located the activists who were with him on Instytutska Street. He has become good friends with some of them.

We also went to the Lviv, where we met with Ihor Frelko and his friends Mykola Prytula and Ihor Galushko. The men just returned from the east of Ukraine, where they serve in the "Azov" regiment.

Do they believe that the victims died in vain? Should Ukrainians start a ‘Third Maidan’? Watch the Hromadske report, the second episode of a series of investigative documentaries, made by Yakiv Liubchych.

Watch the first episode here: