At Maidan: Looking Back At The Massacre
20 February, 2015

The atmosphere was strange at Kyiv Independence Square on the eve of commemorations of the killings of the protesters. 

A year ago, on the same spot, Hromadske’s Bohdan Kutiepov had filmed dozens of bodies being taken out of Hotel Ukraine. The commemorations are organized by the Maidan activists and the families of the victims. The director Serhii Proskurnia has decided on Lacrimosa – Requiem by Mozart. He directed a video which aims to reflect the mood of the commemoration called Birds.

One of the men at the square has told to Hromadske the souls of the victims of the Heavenly Hundred went to Vyrii – a mythical place in Slavic mythology where birds fly for the winter and souls go after death.

// Video by Bohdan Kutiepov. Filmed 02.19.2015