MH17 A Year Later: Looking For Answers With Bellingcat
17 July, 2015

What You Need To Know:

✔️'Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine', published by the Atlantic Council, gathered information on Russian aggression inside Ukraine
✔️This report has been researched using open-source database information
✔️By allowing others to contribute to the investigation the digital footprint in recreating the MH17 BUK Missile Launcher is large

On 28 May, the Atlantic Council, a US-headquartered think-tank, released their report ‘Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine’ which has gathered evidence of specific incidents of Russian military involvement in Ukraine.

Eliot Higgins, Founder of Bellingcat, and Maks Czuperski from the Atlantic Council spoke to Hromadske about how they have created this report, and the methods they used to gather information.

“People do want to see the digital breadcrumbs. People are interested in the methodology that (we) use, and use them for other cases like ISIS,” said Higgins.

The report makes several important claims, chief among them that many attacks on Ukrainian territory were orchestrated from and began inside Russia.

Satellite images verify the location of Russian military camps as a launching-point for military offensives. Russian military formations would have covering fire provided by artillery batteries well within the Russian Federation.

Evidence has been gathered from open-source information, personal accounts, satellite images and collected physical evidence from the conflict, said Higgins: “What we are keen on is making this information available in public databases so that others can join in the investigation.”

Added Czuperski: “We are trying to show what is going on in Ukraine by not using confidential material but… by crowdsourcing information.”

Higgins talked about tracing the route of the MH17 BUK missile launcher and the members involved with it. “We just search up the social media profiles of other members,” that have been posted by members of that group. “Generally they are young guys, 18 or 21.”

“Many journalists are using our information to recreate the route of the BUK missile launcher.”