Litvinenko Report 'Outraged' UK Society - Edward Lucas
27 January, 2016

The Litvinenko Inquiry, “the first official statement” on the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, has “outraged British society” according to Edward Lucas, as it confirms the fact that a British citizen was murdered on home territory by the “security services of a foreign country.” Judge Robert Owen’s report does not only implicate the FSB but also the involvement of Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin.

Lucas sees the report as being an opportunity for the British government to “get really tough on Russia” who he believes should be launching an “enormous international diplomatic push against the Kremlin.”

Litvinenko, a former FSB officer, was murdered in November 2006 in London. At the time of his death he was working as a consultant for British MI5 and MI6, informing the British government about Russian crime networks.

Edward Lucas, Senior Editor of The Economist, joined Hromadske's Alexandra Azarkhina live via Skype from London on 22nd January 2016.