Left Activists May Day March Ends With Nationalist Attack
7 May, 2015

Around 150 left-wing activists, including LGBT activists and anarchists, marched in Kyiv to mark 1 May, a public holiday previously celebrated as International Workers Day under the Soviet regime.

They demonstrated against the current government’s social policies and called for joint fight against exploitation and oppression.

Towards the end of the demonstration, when the left-wing activists had gathered in a square in down-town Kyiv, they were attacked by around 20-30 young people calling themselves “autonomous nationalists”.

The police were forced to intervene to prevent fights between the two groups.

Three of the attackers were arrested but immediately let go under pressure from several young people who arrived at the scene in a BMW X 5 with state license plates and covered in stickers of the right-wing political group, Right Sector.

// Serhii Hrishyn, Anna Tsyhyma. Filmed 05.01.2015