Lawyer On The Probability Of Releasing Nadia Savchenko
16 October, 2015

What You Need To Know: 

✅ "The sentence is already written" and "the judges know very well what the Russian government expects";
✅ The defense attorneys goal is to negotiate the quick release of Nadia Savchenko through political means;
✅ Foreign diplomats support the release of Nadia Savchenko;
✅ If Nadia is released into Ukrainian custody, she will immediately be released.

The possibility of exchanging Nadia Savchenko for the two captured GRU soldier currently in Ukrainian custody is foremost on the mind of defense attorney Illiya Novikov.
"We already have a statement from the Russian justice minister that Nadia may possibly serve her sentence in Ukraine when she is convicted." says Novikov.
To him, this is the Russian government's defacto capitulation in this trial because as he understands, Nadia will never serve a day in Ukrainian jail. She will be immediately released from custody once she is back in Ukraine.
Hromadske International's Alexandra Azarkhina interviewed Iliya Novikov, Nadia Savchenko’s Lawyer, in October 2015.