Investigating High-Level Corruption In Russia
6 June, 2016

Following the Panama Papers investigation, there was not much reaction to the leak in Russia. “In general, they don't care and stories done by journalists do not have much impact on Russian politics,” says Roman Anin, an investigative reporter at Novaya Gazeta. Russian authorities claim that the investigation was a masterminded campaign against Russia organized by Americans.


While the Russian public seemed interested in the story as it was read by over a million people, Anin says that citizens are afraid to express their point of view and “are not ready to demand for changes or to demand for some reaction from the state.”


Recently, three journalists at the RBC Newsroom in Russia were let go after producing what Anin describes as fantastic reports.


However, the blame cannot be put solely on Russia for its corruption. According to Anin, Western institutions, who create the so-called financial schemes “are also culprits of the wrongdoings that happen in Russia, Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe.”


Hromadske spoke with Roman Anin, Novaya Gazeta investigative reporter at MezhyhyriaFest in June 2016.