Inside East Ukraine Nursing Home Caught Near Massive Battlefield
7 February, 2015

In January 2015 Hromadske journalists visited a nursing home not far from the Donetsk airport where shelling happens regularly.
In the village of Tonenke, a cook, a laboratory technician and a farmer are living through the war together. Their nursing home is only a few kilometers from Donetsk airport and you can hear the rumbling sound of artillery fire.
There is no electricity and no heating and so most of them complain of cold and hunger. Almost all of those who volunteer to help them are from military units. 
“We live on whatever the soldiers give us”, one elderly lady plaintively told Hromadske. 
There are a total of 14 residents at the home, only three of whom are men. “All the men went to the front,” joked Maria. 
Maria appears to enjoy entertaining what must be rare visitors. She told Hromadske that she was ready to form a battalion too, after all she is 83 and her fellow residents, Galina and Rita, are only 81.