#IAmNotAfraidToSayIt: Julia Tsarevska
14 July, 2016

What You Need To Know:

✓ People from Ukraine and other countries share personal stories about sexual assault with the hashtag #ЯНеБоюсьСказати (#IAmNotAfraidToSayIt)

✓ Ukrainian activist and journalist Nastya Melnychenko, who published a post encouraging people to speak out, launched the movement.

✓ The flashmob reached other countries, such as Russia, USA, and Canada. 

#ЯНеБоюсьСказати is an initiative launched by Ukrainian activist and journalist Nastya Melnychenko. She published a post encouraging people to speak out about domestic violence or sexual assault. The movement has not been disappointing: both men and women, Ukrainians, Russians, Americans, and people from other countries have shared their stories in public.

Hromadske talked to some people who shared their experience. They’re convinced that 
society must know about it.

“My mom commented on my post with a broken heart emoji”, Julia says. 

A group of guys that the girls knew quite well tried to rape Julia and her friend. She was 18, and she was scared to death. There were four boys. 

“One guy was the oldest. I said, "I will not keep quiet about this. So lead us out".

Julia saved them from this tragedy by imploring one of the assaulters to let them go. It’s a story about courage and despair.