Hromadske at Yerevan Protests
1 July, 2015

Hromadske’s Nastya Stanko was also reporting from Yerevan and was at the centre of the protest – which from her estimates had around 15,000 people at the time of the interview.

Stanko spoke with one of the protest leaders, saying: “He told me that the police will attack the protestor in an hour. And that the protestor should leave this place to (another street) as it would be more safe there.”

Stanko approached the line of police, where they just stayed and waited but their numbers continued to grow.

“I think about 2,000 police are there. Maybe more now, but it is only what we can see, (maybe more) under or in buildings… The police did say that they would attack the protestors if they do not go away. Now I see women but I do not see any children.”

“Everyone here is waiting for this attack. Many guys are in masks because they think the attack will be a gas attack by the police.”

Hromadske International's Nataliya Gumenyuk and Ian Bateson spoke with Nastya Stanko via Skype from Yerevan on June 28, 2015.