How Ukraine's Border Checkpoint With Occupied Crimea Functions
21 August, 2016

What You Need To Know:

✓Overnight into August 7th, checkpoints 'Chongar' and 'Chaplynka' were closed for no reason;
✓According to the Russian media, a firefight between Ukrainian 'saboteurs' and Russian soldiers
ocurred on the administrative border with Crimea;
✓After the FSB statement, seven Ukrainians were arrested on the suspicion of 'preparing a terrorist attack';
✓Nobody has seen anything unusual, including armored Ukrainian soldiers or APCs.

Overnight into August 7th, frontiersmen suddenly closed an entrance to the Crimean peninsula. They didn't explain the reasons for taking that measure so hundreds of people had to wait near the checkpoints 'Chongar' and 'Chaplynka'. Some of them were desperate to drive away.

According to the spokesman of the Kherson border detachment, it wasn't the first time, so the frontiersmen were ready for that.

Russian media informed the public about an alleged firefight on the administrative border with Crimea.

But nobody except for Russian soldiers and media have seen Ukrainians trying to illegally cross the administrative border or heard sounds of the firefight.

Watch Hromadske journalists report from the checkpoint that sparked the escalation.