How Displaced Cheesemakers Are Taking Their Lives Into Their Own Hands
25 June, 2015

Forced to flee Crimea after the Russian annexation to Lviv, Anna and her family quickly ran out of money. Now, they started a cheese business out of their own kitchen and plan to create their own little creamery soon.

"We have come to love this business to such an extent," said Anna, adding: "We have found a place in life."

"Lvivians also got used to the idea that IDPs could be of use. Not just arriving here with expectations of help from them or the state."

As at the 23 March 2015 the UN estimated that there are 1,178,000 IDPs in Ukraine. For several months a team of Hromadske journalists traveled around Ukraine, from Sloviansk to Lviv, in search of stories of those who were left without their homes because of the war and the annexation. This the third story of part 2 in the Displaced series, a project about the lives of internally displaced persons in Ukraine from the Donbas region and Crimea.

// Hromadske with the support of the Thomson Foundation. Filmed in February, 2015.