House On A Checkpoint. A Year After Donetsk People's Republic
14 August, 2015

"If I only took 1 hryvnia per photo I would have rebuilt it all already", says Illia Lazarenko, Semenivka (a village in Donetsk region located near Sloviansk) local, standing on the ruins of his house.
Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, and local news, they've all depicted the war in Ukraine using the photograph of this destroyed house with red roof.

The house on a checkpoint was one of the first to come under shelling in May, 2014. Hromadske stays in touch with the owner from the very beginning, since the DNR rebels have left Sloviansk. Not that many of expectations have come true. Illia and his wife together cleared the place, renewed their business, selling plants. Illia was a landscape designer before the war, and even though there's no need for professions like that in Donbas nowadays, he still tries to revive the business.

Hromadske spoke with Sloviansk locals and authorities to tell the story about changes in Sloviansk and surroundings one year after retaking it by Ukrainian Army.

// Video by Nataliya Gumenyuk and Yakiv Liubchych. Filmed in July, 2015.