Funds Raised Worldwide For Donetsk Airport 'Lucky Car'
5 April, 2015

Named in memory of a Ukrainian commander's son, Yurik is the American jeep which reportedly helped evacuate dozens of people from Donetsk airport under intense shelling.

The car was damaged by shrapnel but the car’s owner, aLviv paratrooper explained that he refused to replace it and instead sought out the rare and expensive parts necessary to fix it. He told Hromadske that the decision to undergo the tricky repair process was taken because everybody considers it a “lucky car” that survived against the odds.

According to those fixing the car, volunteers from the St. Mary's Foundation collected funds for the repairs from across the world. The car has been covered by a unique stick-on camouflage design reportedly developed by members of the Combat PS battalion. The car’s owner told journalists that none of this would have been possible without the help of volunteers.

// Video by Bohdan Kutiepov. Filmed in March, 2015.