From An East Ukraine Veteran To Small Business Owner. Life Saving
13 November, 2015

At first sight, Sashko Chalapchiy is the typical beginner  entrepreneur from a small town in the Kirovograd region of Central Ukraine. He bought a machine for hay pressing, and made out of it a production line for bio petrol. The only thing which differentiates him from others is a walking stick which he leans on to move.

Sashko Chalapchiy is a former soldier.Last year he  served at a checkpoint in Luhansk region of Eastern Ukraine where he and his friend stepped on a mine. He lost both his legs and now moves on prosthetics.

During rehabilitation he became interested in bio petrol. It can be used for heating in cold times. When he returned home he began work on his own business project. Two local residents help him on his small enterprise.