Former Maidan Enemies Now Fight Together Against Rebels & Russia
24 February, 2015

Gai who was anti-government protester during the EuroMaidan protests subsequently joined the National Guard and was deployed to hotspots in eastern Ukraine. After his deployment, Gai worked as a volunteer distributing aid to internally displaced people in Ukraine. Gai said that he expects he will be redeployed soon.

In his different roles, Gai has seen how the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine have torn his country apart. During the EuroMaidan protests, his friend served in the Berkut, the elite police unit that clashed violently with EuroMaidan protesters. Whilst fighting on the front, Gai served alongside another member of the Berkut police. And as a volunteer, Gai has seen how countless lives were uprooted because of the fighting in Ukraine's eastern regions.

Hromadske International's Nataliya Gumenyuk and guest host Gulliver Cragg spoke with Myroslav Gai on Feb. 22, 2015.