This Is Why Some Foreign Reporters Keep Covering Ukraine
5 February, 2016

“Ukraine is an interesting country, and it's interesting for reasons besides the fact that it’s struggling with this war right now” explains freelance photographer, Pete Kiehart. Although Kiehart has worked on Ukraine's frontline and covered the current migrant crisis, he has begun to shift his attention towards life on the homefront. Kiehart admitted that he’s been striving hard to produce balanced news coverage with “the things that surprised” him when he first arrived.

While Kiehart realises that monitoring the situation on the eastern front is “incredibly important” he also sees the rest of Ukraine as being a fascinating place and is given hope by the “creativity among the young people.” His most recent work published in the New York Times featured ‘Pizza Veterano’, a Kyiv pizzeria run entirely by veterans (see our report here), and a story for VICE about ‘Quest’, or what Kiehart describes as “massive games played by teams of players” or a “series of treasure hunts.”

Pete Kiehart, freelance photographer, joined Hromadske in Kyiv on January 31 2016. Kiehart was interviewed during The Sunday Show by Ian Bateson and Sébastien Gobert.