Foreign Investors Want Ukraine To Fight Red Tape & Corruption First – Dutch Minister
11 May, 2015

«We have been seeing a lot of conscious effort on the part of the Ukrainian government to fight corruption», says Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation for the Netherlands, noting that there is still a lot to do for Ukraine on that front.

Ploumen thinks that by re-establishing the rule of law in the country, the Ukrainian government can help in fixing many pressing issues: “When there’s rule of law, many issues will be resolved as you go.”

Lilianne Ploumen also believes that a mixture of austerity and stimulation for the stagnant economy can be a remedy for the Ukrainian economy. At the same time, speaking about foreign investments, she named agriculture as one of the most promising sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

Maxim Eristavi had a chat with Lilianne Ploumen during “Support Ukraine”, an international donors conference in Kyiv on April 27th, 2015.