The Five Most Important Things, That Ukraine’s President Said During His Independence Day Speech
24 August, 2016


What President Poroshenko said during his Independence Day speech. Five the most important things:


1. Benefits from the EU Association Agreement compensate for losses from the war and from Russia’s economic aggression


“The Association Agreement with EU is already working and is gradually compensating all these enormous losses, caused by the war and by Russia’s economic aggression. Moscow is trying to strangle us with a shocking closure of its market and blocking of transit to other countries."


2. Since the start of 2014, 2504 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the war in the Donbas.

"Looking back on more than two years of war, we can confidently assert that the enemy failed to achieve his strategic goals; he was unable to bring Ukraine to its knees. 2,504 of our soldiers perished for this.”

3. Within two years, roughly three hundred thousand people joined the army through the military enlistment office.


"From 2014 to 2016, almost three hundred thousand people made it to the military recruitment office. Volunteers who were mobilized at first have now become contract soldiers. "


4. Ukraine will get Crimea and Donbas back through political and diplomatic means.

"I would particularly like to welcome the occasion of Independence, and this is especially crucial for those Ukrainian patriots who are now in annexed Crimea and occupied Donbas. We love you, we remember you and we are fighting fiercely for your return to Ukraine. I emphasize: we are doing it by political and diplomatic means because we are thinking about you."


5. Armed Forces Of Ukraine are more important than Budapest Memorandum.

"The quesion arises: what is the guarantee, that all of our optimistic plans – the union of Ukraine and protection of our territorial integrity, will not remain on paper and wouldn't hang in the air? The answer is obvious. Our most important guarantee – The Armed Forces Of Ukraine. It’s more important than Budapest Memorandum.”

We should also mention that President Poroshenko recalled the words of Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky: “Comrade Russkiy, baring your teeth at Ukraine is no joke.”